6 Trends to Stay Hip on the Beach

May 21, 2015


By Buffy York

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Summer is here, and Buffy and I are on a mission to find the perfect swimsuits.

We both agree that this was a much easier task in our 20’s, but we are determined to look stylish on the beach anyway.  We want to maintain our middle-aged dignity but also stay “on trend”.  Luckily the biggest trend this year is the one-piece.  Thank-you, thank-you to the fashion gods!

I’m heading to Turks and Caicos next week with Elinor to celebrate her high school graduation and have been scouring the internet and shops for the perfect resort wear.

There are 6 dominant swimsuit trends I’ve noticed for 2015 . . . so if you want to stay “hip” on the beach consider these features:

1) Cut-Outs.  Even a small square will do.  If you are blessed to be thin, go for a total “Edward Scissor Hands” look.

2) Fringe.  I have to admit I love fringe . . . especially on the top half.  Shake it baby!

3) High neck.  This trend is a blessing to middle-aged people.  High neck suits keep your chest from getting freckly, and keep the “goods” in place.

4) Black and White.  Michael Jackson called it years ago.  You know it.  Shamon.

5) Ruffled.  The ruffles we saw last year are back this year with a vengeance.  Ruffles are romantic and girly, and flattering too, so I say YES.

6) Zippers.  Easy access in and out of the suit, plus you can zip up or down depending on your mood that day.

What is your favorite (or least favorite) swimsuit trend for 2015?

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