August 24, 2015

By Buffy York

I am in the process of transforming our playroom into the “upstairs den” so our four children, two of which are teenagers, will have a place to hangout. Until this point the playroom has been a hodge podge of furniture, plastic bins full of Legos, monster trucks and construction equipment, and two bookshelves overflowing with children’s books, and about to collapse at any moment. Oh, and we also have a 1990’s television armoire complete with a very large and very heavy tube television. Needless to say it is time for an upgrade, but at the same time, this is for teenagers who will be gone in no time so I don’t want to break the bank on their remodel when I have bigger fish to fry later on, like my bathroom. I tell you all of this because I have been a busy girl lately scoping out all of my favorite discount spots like Homegoods, TJMaxx, Southeastern Salvage and of course Target.

I recently saw on a friend’s Instagram a post that said, “Heading to Target! See you in $150 bucks.” How true is that? I call it the Target Black Hole, where you go in for markers and poster paper for your child’s project and come out with a pair of shoes, a scarf, a set of wine glasses and three nail polishes. This too, has been the scene as I have been perusing the aisles of the “Big Bull’s Eye in the Sky” looking for ideas and inspiration to get the ball rolling on this project. I have purchased two of these poufs and desk lamps for the room, but I also picked up this plaid shirt that I can’t wait to wear this with my new flares and channel my inner Charlie’s Angel, Kelly Garrett of course. I bought these booties for one of my girls and also picked up this eye shadow palette and these scissors that are legit.  Speaking of scissors, if you are looking to up your home office game you have to check out the Nate Berkus collection, and you totally “need” this french bulldog tape dispenser. You can see it’s a problem, but not one I am seeking counseling for.  Again, bigger fish to fry.

.01 starburst mirror | .02 eye shadow palette | .03 desk lamp | .04 scissors | .05 fringe heels | .06 shirt dress | .07 nail polish | .08 booties | .09 cuff | .10 shopper tote bag | .11 lamp



    Love!!! Especially the booties! Always love seeing what you find in the black hole! 😘

    No Doubt!

    I have decided you & I at target would not be a good thing! love everything you post, look forward to it everyday!

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