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August 13, 2015

Tarte Brazilliance Self Tanning Face Towelettes on The Style Gathering

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By Buffy York

To me a spray tan is the best “one-stop-shop-fix-it-all” for many of my problems. I immediately feel about 10 pounds thinner and the need for makeup flies out the window. My only beef is that it doesn’t last nearly as long on my face as it does on my body. I know this is because I scrub my face with a rough washcloth or my Clarisonic every night. I break out and I can’t take the risk of leaving once speck of dirt or oil on my face. Unfortunately along with all the grime so goes the spray tan, and with all of the bank I have spent on Fraxel and micro-needling and potions to undo the sun damage on my face, the last thing I’m planning on doing is going the au natural route when tanning. Yes sir, I’ll take SPF 50 and a wide brimmed hat along with that Piña Colada Tom Cruise.

So what’s a girl to do?  My friend told me about the Tarte Brazilliance Self Tanning Face Towelettes earlier this summer, but it wasn’t until I was in the check out line at Ulta last month that I saw a three-pack of the towelettes at the little “suck you in/these products are so cute/this is for impulse buyers/quick make a decision you’re next in line/I have to have this/you are a sucker/these are travel size/you know you want to try this” section that you have to pass by in order to pay for the items in your little basket.  I added the pack to my loot and it was a solid purchase. These are little towelettes that you wipe on a clean face and in a few hours you have a natural hint of color that doesn’t look fake or orange, and it does not have the funky smell that most self-tanners are known for.  Brazilliance Face Towelettes also contain Maracuja Oil and Vitamins E and C that brightens and hydrates your skin.  I love a multi-tasker! I’ve gone back for the 10 pack.

I use them in the mornings when I have something special planned that evening or just when I need a little pick me up.  I wipe the towelette in a circular motion on my clean face and neck, making sure to blend it into my hairline. I wait a little while to apply my makeup.  For those of you who don’t break out you would want to apply it to a clean face at night and wake up to a nice little glow!

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    I’ve been looking for a great face tanning product! This one sounds perfect…thanks as always, Buffy!

    I love tarte!! I have their powdered bronzer and it’s waterproof. Perfect for the pool, but I am definitely going to try these. Especially since I cover my face in a turban the majority of summer!

    What a great tip! I never would have picked these up. I do love Tart products though. I’ll be on the look out for them next time I’m at Ulta. thanks!

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