The Amazing Pilates Reformer

February 18, 2016

inner thigh work through standing side splits on the Reformer

the kneeling arm series challenges shoulder stability and core control

100's on the Reformer

abdominal work using the box and the magic circle on the Reformer

one of the many variations of planking on the Reformer

footwork on the Reformer

stretching...the best part

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By Buffy York

In the coming weeks and months I have invited several experts to be guest bloggers on The Style Gathering.  I am excited to bring you these informative posts and they are less the “Style” component and more on the “Gathering” end of my blog.  All of the topics I will be pulling together for you through these guest bloggers are things I am very interested in and quite possibly obsess over.  Since you are reading this blog you might be a little bit like me so I think these are topics you want to know about!  By using true experts I can bring you solid information.  I know my limits.  I think it is important to tell you that no one is getting paid here and I am not receiving any products or services in return for these posts.  Consider this yet another PSA. 

I told you earlier this year I had a few new obsessions and Club Pilates is one of them.  I have loved Reformer Pilates for years, but traditionally it has just not been affordable.  Club Pilates in Cahaba Heights has recently opened making Pilates available for everyone with reasonable monthly packages and I am in love with the place.  So much so that I am working at the front desk a few mornings a week.  I talk about it often and many of my friends have no clue what Pilates is (it’s not yoga), much less a Reformer.  I have asked the instructors at Club Pilates to start a monthly “Pilates Tip” column and today’s is a basic introduction to the Reformer.

The Amazing Pilates Reformer
Amy Liscomb, RDN, LD
Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor

The Pilates Reformer is a fabulously diverse piece of equipment that challenges clients to build strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. The machine consists of a rolling carriage, straps for the hands and feet, a foot bar, shoulder blocks and a headrest. A box can also be added for various exercises as well as a jump board for cardio.

Powerhouse muscles of the core are always part of the exercises but smaller stability muscles are also targeted which promote better balance. “Think local not global” is a phrase I often use to help clients understand the importance of accessing all muscles and not just the larger muscles groups. Exercises can be done lying, standing, kneeling and/or sitting as the body pushes and pulls against spring resistance. The Reformer encourages full range of motion which invites the body to sustain length….the beautiful aspect of strength through length!

Instructors use a variety of visuals to help clients fire different muscles and draw awareness to their movement. This is a “take it with you” class, meaning throughout the day and during your other activities you become more aware of your posture and alignment leading to more graceful and efficient movement and for many relief from pain associated with physical imbalances. It is an excellent tool for rehabilitation and reversing the “forward slump” that many of our day jobs encourage. Life gets us all out of whack and Pilates helps re-establish symmetry of the body.

Club Pilates…Do Pilates Do Life

Free Demo Classes Every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
full schedule here
Club Pilates Cahaba Heights
3169 Green Valley Road
Birmingham, AL 35243

Stay tuned for Monday’s guest post from Dr.Warren Seiler of Seiler Skin on
“The Artistry of Botox”


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