The Lips Don’t Lie

August 28, 2014

By Buffy York

About a year ago I was at a cocktail party and a doctor friend of mine, who regularly performs Botox and filler treatments, suggested that I might need to investigate getting my upper lip injected.  Not gonna lie, I was totally offended.  A few months ago I started this blog, and since then I have seen more pictures of myself than my full four years of college scanning Zap Foto sheets.  My friend was correct, my 43 year old lips have thinned out.  Your face loses a ridicuous amount of collagen per year after a certain age.  I am pretty sure I high fived that age several years ago and kept on trucking.  Now I am not a stranger to Botox on my forehead and around my eyes but the thought of filler, especially in my lips, frightens me.  I have seen some pretty ridiculous looking enhanced lips, and not just on The Real Housewives of You Pick the City.  So, to remedy my “thin lip” problem without creating a “duck lip” problem I have been on the search for lip plumpers.  Most I have come across have had lack luster results and a couple actually felt like I was making out with a fire ant bed.  However, a few weeks ago I discovered City Lips, and as far as I am concerned it is the best.  It has all kind of fancy ingredients in it that smooth out and give your lips more volume within 10 minutes without setting them ablaze.  In researching this product it gets nothing but rave reviews and the company claims it will semi-permanantly simulate natural collegen with daily use.  City Lips is a lip gloss that comes in seven shades as well as clear.

I’m sure, like my post on self-tanners and dry shampoo, you have an opinion on lip plumpers too.  Please let me know what your favorite is in the comment section below.  I am a sucker for a new product and would love to hear from you.



    Great Article Buff!

    Love this!

    I’m gonna try. I will let you know the results. :)

    I was blessed at birth with an over abundance of lips and was teased about it all through school and hated my lips now at the 16th anniversary of my 29th birthday I find I miss my over abundant lips but I don’t particularly dig the feeling of kissing a bee hive so I gave up on plumpers. I am super glad you found this and that you had to go through the fire ant make outs and I did not. I am ordering mine today.

    Love city lips!!!! Been using since this spring!!!

    I’m all about your product posts…so need to try this!

    Can’t wait to try it, Buffy!!! Thanks!

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