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July 21, 2014

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By Buffy York

When I was 26 I moved back to Tuscaloosa to take a job selling pharmaceuticals.  Moving back to a college town was an interesting experience.  I moved into a duplex lined culdesac.  My neighbors were other single twenty something women who were stuck in the limbo of no longer being a college student and not getting married or starting a family anytime soon.  We just hung out together on “The Circle” too old for college bars and too single for supper clubs.

Paige Albright was working at an interior design firm at the time and her apartment was filled with beautiful furniture.  I remember having serious “duplex envy” over the massive floor to ceiling bookcases in her tiny den.  This was the time that Paige assisted me in buying my first “real” piece of furniture.  It is a chest that I still own to this day and it has served many purposes in the six homes I have lived in since it was purchased.  This was the first of several transactions of which Paige has been involved regarding my home decor.  Buyer’s remorse is an emotion I have never experienced when I consult her.  We have known each other for almost 20 years and I still own and use every piece of furniture, lamp and rug I have purchased through her.  Her taste is classic and timeless.

Paige also has a freakish ability to know exactly what you need without even seeing your space.  I can think of three separate occasions where I have called her with a rug need.  I vaguely describe the room and colors I’m using and she tells me to come down to the shop because she has a few things in mind.  Walking in you could easily be overwhelmed by her massive inventory that is rolls and rolls and stacks and stacks of, as Paige calls it, “art for your floor.”  However, she always takes me to a stack of rugs the right size, starts flipping to the three or four rugs she has in mind based on our conversation, and more often than not, the one she thinks will be perfect is just that.

Paige started her career in interior design but for the past 12 years she has dedicated herself to becoming one of the leading experts in knowledge of oriental rugs.  As you can see from the photographs above, her shop located in Birmingham has one of the largest selections in the Southeast.  She is globally connected to dealers and can assist in finding the perfect rug for you even if she does not have it in stock.

The Style Gathering and Paige Albright Orientals are planning a “Girls Night Out” in the fall.  Please join us as Paige will be sharing her expertise in the field and will be available to help you select the perfect piece for your home.  Details will be forthcoming on Facebook.  Email if you are interested in attending.

Paige Albright Orientals
2814 Petticoat Lane
Birmingham, Alabama



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    Paige is the greatest!!! I totally want a rug (or 5!) now!!! Can’t wait for the girls night!

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