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July 7, 2014

the style gathering
The Style Gathering

a real fashion blogger would have done a half tuck with her tank
The Style Gathering
The Style Gathering

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By Buffy York

To quote popstar Iggy Azalea, “first things first I’m the realest.”  Well, maybe I am not the realest but I am a realist.  I realize I am a lifestyle blogger, not a fashion blogger, for real.  I like to talk about gardening and makeup and food and if I happen to have on a decent outfit I will tell you what I am wearing at the bottom of the article.  But, when I got serious about writing a blog I was following, potientially stalking, several fashion bloggers like L.A’s Sincerely Jules and The Teacher Diva  of Dallas and Nashville’s  Happily Grey.  I started watching how they were getting tons of free stuff, “monetizing” their websites and traveling to amazing places all in the name of the “blog.”  I decided I needed to get in on the action.  I’m a smart girl.  I wear cute enough clothes.  I have product knowledge.  So I made some calls and put the wheels in motion to build The Style Gathering.  As things progressed I began to notice stark differences between this 20 something set of girls and myself.  Their boyfriends or husbands have not even thought about planning their surprise 30th birthday parties yet.  I’m celebrating the 13th anniversary of my 30th this month.  Fashion bloggers drink Starbucks and take pictures of donuts with sprinkles and have smooth young skin.  I drink Diet Mountain Dew, I actually eat my plain “Hot Now” from Krispy Kreme and often ask my photographer to photoshop my old looking hands.  None of that looks good on instagram, filtered or not.  These girls are cutting edge when it comes to fashion.  Sincerely Jules was wearing the current trends of espadrilles and palm prints last year and I shop at the less than glamourous JCPenney (they really have some good stuff) and wear last season’s clothes. Happily Grey looks so natural in front of the camera she makes it look effortless.  I am stiff and awkward and even though my face is plastered all over this site I am not comfortable having my picture taken.  It took two glasses of champagne before I would even think about having these shots taken.  The Teacher Diva does drink champagne but its usually out of a cute polka dot paper straw.

Last week, however,  a couple of things fell into place.  I found a gift certificate my husband had given me to Laura Kathryn, one of my favorite boutiques in Birmingham and bought these amazingly comfortable and trendy Joie shorts.  Lesley from Manhattan South, another Birmingham boutique, called to let me know that my “Shut the Front Dior” tank had come in and when I was picking it up I bought a new Honesty Beaded Bracelet.  I found the tank humorous not because I am a huge haute couture shopper but my chocolate lab can open the front door with her paw so I am constantly saying “someone please shut the front door.” I had a fresh mani/pedi and my polish color coordinated perfectly with my new bracelet.  So you can see, much like the perfect storm or the Bermuda Triangle, all the stars were lining up and I decided it was time do a “Fashion” post.

If I were a real fashion blogger I would name this post something clever like “Grey’s Anatomy” or “50 Shades of Grey” or “Are My Greys Showing?”  and I would tell you a little story about the outfit and break down each clothing article in detail.  Please know that I am not making fun of any of these amazing girls.  I am making fun of myself for wanting to be one of them.  When I was their age I was trying to figure out Window’s 95 and how to do a Mail Merge.  These girls are building themselves into huge brands, collaborating with retailers and fashion houses and contributing to major fashion magazines.  Meanwhile, as I stand in awe of their accomplishments, I’m going back to lifestyle blogger status.  It is a more comfortable space for me to exist.

Wearing:  Joie Shorts from Laura Kathryn  similar less expensive option here and here | Casual Friday “Shut the Front Dior” Tank special order from Manhattan South | H&M Blazer (old) similar here | Jessica Buurman Ankle Strap Sandal (on sale) | Clutch (very old) similar here | Honesty Bead Bracelet | John Hardy Bracelet (old) similar here | Shalla Wista Silver Wire Bracelets | Maya Brenner Silver Initial Necklace | Custom Silver Rings by Virginia and Romberg York similar here and here | Dior Aviators similar here| Dior Addict Fluid Stick | CND Vinylux Polish in Azure Wish and Studio White



    Wow. $178 for a pair of silk shorts. Not sure this mom will be doing that, but a DIY pair might be in my future.

    Kimberly I understand where you are coming from. It was a big splurge on a pair of shorts and I used a gift certificate to be a little self-indulgent. I have gone back and updated the post and given links to less expensive shorts that are very similar. I am the Queen of JCPenney, Target and Forever 21 for my clothes and most of my posts reflect that. Thank you for reading and commenting. It helps us stay on our toes.

    Absolutely LOVE this post! Hysterical….and SO true! Great post buff!

    I’ve been waiting for this post ever since I met you and Jennifer at the June Birmingham Bloggers event a couple of weeks ago! It definitely did not disappoint! I love your approach to the blogging scene, and I really enjoy keeping up with all of your fun “lifestyle” happenings! Looking forward to more!

    Madison thank you for reading and I am glad you enjoyed this post. I can’t wait to see what happens as you enter into the blogging/fashion/teaching world.

    I love this! Finding it easier to stay true to yourself is one of the joys of getting older and wiser.

    I don’t even try to dispense fashion advice, for example. I would consider myself fashion challenged. I’ll stick to food. :)

    Marjorie you are spot on about the joys of getting older and staying real. I love your blog Thank you for all of your recipes and thank you for reading.

    Could have fooled me?! I say play on playa. Love everything about your blog and your fashion!! Keep it up!!

    Rebekah you are awesome! Thanks so much for reading and hopefully I will muster up the courage to do another fashion post.

    Witty and stylish – love reading your blog. Excited to to hear what’s next!

    Love the blog…just started following last month and love the sense of humor that Buffy offers! Jennifer, your photos are always right on target….creatively posed and original! Keep it up girls!

    Thanks Ellen for the encouragement. We have some fun stuff in store for y’all.

    This seriously just cracked me up! Love your sense of humor. Your outfits and accessories are spot on! LOVE the shirt!

    This was awesome!! The type of post that could totally go viral! Great job!

    Thanks Vanessa. Great to see you Monday night. Can’t wait to see you Saturday.

    I love your blog, Buffy!!!

    Thank you Marci. Can’t wait for us to work together!

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