UFO Sighting

May 23, 2014

By Buffy York

When my husband and I planned our post tax season getaway to Las Vegas we didn’t know we would take a one day detour to Roswell, New Mexico.  My husband, Tim the accountant, had to meet with a group in the UFO Capitol of the World the day before we were to leave for our much needed vacation.  Personally I think one of the best parts of a trip is traveling with someone so instead of meeting Tim in Vegas I decided to roll with it and take “Route Roswell.”  On the way out we met up with two of his partners in Dallas and when we arrived in the land of Wiley Coyote we were quite the crew, three accountants and a chick.  After a brief stop at the Roswell K-mart for a few left behind toiletries, and by K-Mart I mean pre-Jaclyn pre-Martha original Blue Light Special Kmart, we were off to dinner.  Urban Spoon hooked us up  with Big D’s Downtown Dive and it was incredible.  Guy FIeri could have shown up with a camera crew and there would not have been a look of surprise on my face.  We ordered the French Fry Sampler to start things off.  Sweet Potato, Garlic and Shoestring Fries served with Chipotle Lime Katsup and Roasted Garlic Mayo.  I don’t even eat fries and I was the majority shareholder at this meeting.  I ended dinner with the West Coast Tacos complete with chipotle sauce, Latin Asian slaw and lime dressing.  Tim had the Texas Burger smothered in fried onions, pecan smoked bacon, aged cheddar, bbq sauce and their classic slaw.  It was an unexpected and insanely good dinner.

The next day the accountants were off to get some new business and I was tapping into my inner Agent Scully.  I was looking for aliens and I didn’t have to go far to find them.  There was a Julia Child alien, purple aliens, blow up aliens, large and small aliens, aliens dipicted in murals on the wall, alien footprints on the ground and just your regular run of the mill aliens.  No shortage of aliens in Roswell, UFO’s either.  Alien-esque music was even being pumped through speakers in the streets.  It is a quaint kitschy town.  I found a local bakery and bought a doughnut the size of a flying saucer.  I grabbed a park bench, listened to a street musician and ate the whole thing.  All in all Roswell was a pleasant experience.  Lots to look at and yummy fresh local food.  The UFO Alien Festival takes place this year July 3-6 and the population will double to 100K.  Unless you are in to that sort of thing I might suggest the other 51 weeks of the year.

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