Wrinkles Are Not My Friend

May 4, 2015

xeomin wrinkles

Dr. Corey Hartman of Skin Wellness Center of Alabama

xeomin wrinkles

Day 1 | Day 3 | Day 7

xeomin wrinkles

Day 1 | Day 3 | Day 7

xeomin wrinkes

Day1 | Day 3 | Day 7

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By Buffy York

Because I love all of you that read The Style Gathering I am sharing some pretty goofy pictures of myself to show you what a difference Xeomin makes.  There was a lot of laughter taking place in making these pics.  Clearly I have no shame.

Whenever I have a trip planned or a reunion of old friends I always tell myself I am going to lose five pounds and look my dead level best.  Last weekend was my big sorority reunion and guess what?  I didn’t lose 5 pounds.  Don’t get me wrong, I am way thinner now than I was during my four+ years in Tuscaloosa.  I mean if weight gain in college was graded I graduated magna cum laude, but still, the Monday before the weekend arrived and my scales and I were at odds.   However, I had my spray tan appointment booked, which is a guaranteed 5-10 pound weight loss, and I was going to see the dermatologist that day so he could work his little Magic Eraser magic on my forehead, brow and eyes.

I talk a lot about my bestie in Atlanta who is my “go to girl” for all things aesthetic.  She has been telling me about a new “Botox” called Xeomin and how its effects are seen in two to three days, but the best part is that it is less expensive than its big brother.  Since the clock was ticking on my countdown to looking good I knew I didn’t have a moment to spare.  I asked my dermatologist, Dr. Corey Hartman, for Xeomin and he was happy to oblige.  I love Dr. Hartman because he really spends time with me and knows what my desired end result is.  If your doctor is treating your forehead with a cookie cutter it is time to move on.  God has packed arched eyebrows in my suitcase so I don’t need Xeomin to achieve that for me.  I also like to have some movement in my forehead and Dr. Hartman is in tune with that.  No matter if you want to look like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (I mean on some level I do) or an East Coast Socialite, let your doctor know.  Physicians are really smart, but mind readers they are not.

The pictures above show you how fast Xeomin works to smooth out lines and wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, my biggest problem area.  I’ve used Botox so I was truly amazed that Xeomin worked within two days for me.  The bottom line is that I was a pharmaceutical rep for many years.  I understand branding.  I have sold against Prozac, Zithromax and Lipitor and I often lost the battle to the more established brand.  I’m just saying you might want to widen your scope and give another product a chance to take a few years off the face.  For me Xeomin works, it works fast, it is less expensive and according to all of the literature, it has staying power.

If you want to give Xeomin a try this month, treat yourself to a well-earned Mother’s Day present with Dr. Corey Hartman at Skin Wellness Center of Alabama.

Cosmetic Tuesdays and Thursdays in May Xeomin will be available to The Style Gathering readers for $9 a unit.  Mention The Style Gathering when booking your appointment.

The first 10 Style Gathering readers to schedule an appointment for Xeomin on Cosmetic Tuesday or Thursday will receive a $50 Visa gift card certificate upon checkout.

Call Skin Wellness Center of Alabama
mention CODE: THE STYLE GATHERING to receive these special savings

I was not provided compensation for this post and all thoughts and opinions are my own.







    I’m on the books. Can’t wait.

    Yay! You will love it.

    Calling now!

    Approx how long does it last?

    This is my first go round with Xeomin, however everything I have read says it will last anywhere from 3 to 4 months. Everyone is different and I think it depends on how your body metabolizes the product.

    Love the article. You are gorgeous! Your skin looks amazing! I wish I lived closer-I’d be all over it!

    Thanks so much Stacey!

    Your blog posts crack me up!! I, too, was a pharma rep back in the day so I get what you’re talking about there.
    My question is how many units does it typically take per treatment? Or, what’s an average overall price? I’ve had Botox as well and know the price of that obviously….just want to compare:)
    You look amazing too btw!

    The average cost overall for me was less expensive than Botox. The same amount of units of Xeomin were used on me as would have been if I had used Botox. Thanks for reading.

    Love this!! Your blogs are the best!

    Looks great! I liked the Xeomin too. I really couldn’t tell a difference between it and Botox. You look beautiful as always!

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